It’s a big chance for your company to showcase your products and services to an audience coming from all around Egypt and gathering in Techne Drifts Closing ceremony 2020!

Don’t miss the chance and Save/Book your slot now!

Wondering about the Benefits? Exhibiting your enterprise has lots, and here are some:

1- Create a visual experience for your products and services and showcase to 2000+ attendees from all around Egypt.
2- Have real contact with customers for a great opportunity of face-to-face marketing.
3- Tap into the agility of startup innovators and share each other’s networks.
4- Meet industry professionals & main players in your field and many others from different Egyptian governorates.
5- Build lasting relationships with investors, clients, and identify potential employees.
6- Observe what others are doing & assemble valuable data about new competitive threats and industry trends for your company.
7- Augment your social media presence through our Closing ceremony.

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